Types of Communication

Humans live their daily lives through a series of communications without which nothing in this world would be achievable. The medium through which men convey their innermost thoughts and will are expressed through a variety  of communication channels. When you take a closer look at the number of expressions and responses that human beings make everyday you begin to understand the types of communication that exists in the world of Homo sapiens.The types of communication that  humans use come in different forms. It may be verbal, which means that there is the use of words, and nonverbal which denotes communication through actions and behaviors. It can also denote, whether an event is formal or non-formal. The types of communication used indicate that some things can be described with the use of words or paragraphs. There are also things that words could not fully describe. Where only an action or gesture could express the real meaning that the speaker is trying to convey.Knowing that there are many types of communication opens your mind to all the things that are happening daily in your surroundings. Imagine if a person knows only verbal communication and has no inkling that nonverbal communication is possible. Then, he is an alien in that realm of communication.Without the existence of a variety of communication options, your life would be a less rich experience. Knowing only the verbal side or the nonverbal side may lead you to miss out on things that you want to do.The types of communication do not only happen in the world of men. Animals also have their own types of communication. Even the birds of the air and the fish of the sea have their own methods of communicating.And who knows. Maybe even plants have their own ways of talking to one another. We can assume that, all living creatures of whatever species have their own forms of communication which are only understandable to them.We may never  fully understand the communication of birds and other animals. We  can only assume what is being conveyed but never fully comprehend it. You might also say that it is the same with some people.You would never fully relate the to the way that members of  another species communicate with each other. You may say that the sound that birds create is the verbal part and the flapping of the wings is the nonverbal part. Is this true?We don’t really understand how they communicate. Their types of communication may be that of stomping their legs or raising their wings, or  turning around in an elaborate dance. It could be that their verbal communication relies on the times that they stomp their legs or by the pattern of the flapping of their wings. It could even be that their nonverbal communication might be the way they fly. Frankly, the types of communication of animals are something that has not yet been fully understood by science.You must also keep in mind that any conclusions you come to are by default flawed. This is because all of your decisions about what things mean are filtered through your own experiences and beliefs. This is what Heisenberg described in his uncertainty principle. Just the mere act of observation will affect the outcome.Learning the various types of communication available to you, enables you to enhance your communication skills, whether verbal or nonverbal.For instance.It is important for a child to learn the way that his or her parents speak so that they can also communicate in return. It has often been said that babies understand some verbal communication before birth..However, research shows that a child you don’t talk to, will, to a large extent lose the ability to learn to speak after they reach a certain age.To expound further on the types of communication is to make a direct inquiry into the heart of every known language. Isn’t it that because of the existence of the types of communication, a French man marries an American woman? Even without words from the very beginning, he just looked her way, she looks his way, and it ended in tying the knot. No words were used here, just a look, and maybe a smile.The types of communication also enable one to distinguish the differences between a simple meeting and the big meeting. It helps the person know when to make a “Morning!” and when to say “Good morning ma’am.” In this case there are only types of communication, the formal and informal. Formal communication is done in cases where a formal tone is needed and adherence to certain formal rules or principles in communication must follow. These are seen in business meetings, business correspondence, memos, official letters, government related documents, and so on. Informal communication on the other hand can be used in communicating with friends, families, peers, etc. It has no standard format.All types of communication present in this world are unique and it makes everyone special and different from one another. It creates harmony, and enables the expression of thoughts and emotions so together we can all fully understand what it is to be human.

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